UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Visits RIA Novosti

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived on Sunday at RIA Novosti news agency as part of his visit to Russia.

At the entrance to the RIA Novosti international press center, Ban Ki-moon was welcomed by RIA Novosti Editor-in-Chief Svetlana Mironyuk. During his visit to the agency, Ban Ki-moon will talk to the RIA Novosti staff and visit the editorial office of The Moscow News newspaper.

As Ban Ki-moon visits RIA Novosti, he will take part in a talk-show that will discuss the problem of autism and the media’s social responsibility.

Since April 2012, RIA Novosti has been implementing the project, “Diagnosis That Is Absent,” aimed at supporting autists and drawing the public’s attention to their problems.

As part of this project, RIA Novosti is implementing programs for social adaptation and correction jointly with the Foundation “Vykhod” and regional non-profit organizations. The project’s tasks largely coincide with the goals of a number of UN humanitarian programs, which has drawn Ban Ki-moon’s special interest.

The talk-show will include a brief speech by Ban Ki-moon and an expert discussion. Also, a short-length film, “In Aut,” shot with the UN support, will be showed. The talk-show live broadcast is available at RIA Novosti’s website: www.ria.ru.