Announcement: United Nations Population Fund press-conference “Low fertility in the Russian Federation: Challenges and strategic approaches”. 14 September 2006

Press conference“Low fertility in the Russian Federation: Challenges and strategic approaches”September, 14 2006, 15:30President Hotel, Red Hall(Bolshaya Yakimanka St., 24, Moscow)The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, will organize a press-conference on the occasion of an international two-day seminar “Low fertility and policy options in the Russian Federation: Can we influence fertility?” aimed at defining the role of social policy in increasing the birth rate in the Russian Federation. The seminar will contribute to the dialogue on family and fertility policy. Participants in the press-conference are: Mikhail Zurabov, Minister of Health and Social Development Anatoly Vishnevsky, Head of the Center of Demography and Human Ecology, Academy of Sciences Alain Mouchiroud, UNFPA, Director of the Country Support Team, Bratislava, Slovakia President Putin acknowledged the present negative demographic tendencies in his Annual Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in May, 2006 and suggested urgent policy measures to be taken. Today in Russia, fertility is below the level needed for simple reproduction of the population. In addition, adult mortality is alarmingly high. Are the efforts undertaken by the country to improve the demographic situation effective? Low fertility and the aging of the population are not unique to Russia. In fact, many industrialized countries face similar challenges. The analysis of Russian and international experience in addressing low fertility through social policies, as well as the discussion of the experience of different regions of the Russian Federation, are expected to contribute to the effectiveness of national strategies.The deadline for accreditation is end of business on Tuesday, September 12.For accreditation,n please refer to: Tel: (495)202-34-22/23 and 202 15 29; E-mail: info@pr-club.comFor additional information, please contact Aleksandar Mordovin or Olesya Kochkina at UNFPA: (495) 787 21 07/(495) 787 21 13