Northeast Asia regional economic cooperation to step forward

The 10th meeting of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Consultative Commission, together with the 3rd meeting of the GTI Business Advisory Council and the 2nd GTI Investment Forum, is to be held from 24 to 25 March 2009 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

BEIJING, 26 Feb 2009

A ministerial-level meeting of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) is going to take place on 24 March in Ulaanbaatar, aimed at boosting regional cooperation for economic growth and sustainable development in Northeast Asia.

The 10th meeting of the GTI Consultative Commission will bring together high-level government officials from the GTI member countries to exchange views on strategic development in the region and discuss joint projects in the key sectors of economic cooperation.

During this meeting, a Joint Session with the GTI Business Advisory Council will be conducted for the first time to create a comprehensive public-private dialogue on the investment climate in Northeast Asia. Following the Joint Session, the 3rd meeting of the GTI Business Advisory Council, hosted by the Mongolian Company Petrovis LLC., will take place to discuss further steps for investment activities in GTI countries.

Furthermore, the 2nd GTI Investment Forum will be held on 25 March to explore investment potential, extend regional trade and increase investment opportunities in Northeast Asia. Over 140 government representatives, business elites, international organizations and academia will attend this forum to share experiences and build partnership for creating more investment opportunities.

The two-day events are organized by the Tumen Secretariat and hosted by the Mongolian Government. “The upcoming Ulaanbaatar meetings are expected to give a strong boost to regional economic cooperation and assist in attracting foreign investment to Northeast Asia,” said Ms. Nataliya Yacheistova, Director of the Tumen Secretariat.

The GTI is a regional cooperation mechanism established in 1995 by China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Mongolia,the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Russia, and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme. It is effectively functioning as a unique intergovernmental platform for economic cooperation in Northeast Asia and serving as a catalyst for policy dialogue and cooperation in the areas of transportation, energy, tourism, investment and environment.

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Ms. Nataliya Yacheistova

Tumen Secretariat UNDP

Mr. Shu Zhu
Senior Program Officer (communication & partnership)
Tumen Secretariat UNDP