ILO to mark its 90th anniversary

GENEVA (ILO News) -- The International Labour Organization (ILO) is to mark its 90th anniversary with a series of events and activities held around the world by governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations representing its 182 member states.

Beginning the week of 21 April, over a hundred events throughout the world are being tied to this commemorative occasion under the theme “90 years working for social justice”, including radio and TV programmes, workshops, exhibitions, job fairs, and high-level tripartite discussions. Some countries will also launch new Decent Work Country Programmes, others will commemorate the development and marking present day ratifications of international labour standards.

Partners in every region will hold ceremonies, bringing together tripartite constituents - governments, workers and employers - as well as NGOs, the general public, parliamentarians and academics. These events will also provide national and regional platforms for highlighting the role of the ILO in addressing key contemporary issues.

The ILO’s 90th anniversary comes at a time of a global financial, economic and jobs crisis, in which the fundamental value of social justice - based on the four pillars of ILO's Decent Work Agenda: employment promotion, social protection, dialogue and rights at work - is central to a sustainable recovery.

The pursuit of social justice has been the defining principle of the ILO since its founding in 1919: from the eight-hour working day to the quest for a fair globalization, through war and peace, depression and economic boom, awards and battles, decolonization and globalization, the ILO has worked with and for the people in pursuit of that goal.

Join us on this 90th anniversary to commemorate our past and to charter the way for a future with decent work for all.

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