Announcement! UNDP presents the 2008 National Human Development Report for the Russian Federation Russia Facing Demographic Challenges

WHERE: Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Petrovka St., 11/20, Petrovsky Hall 2 (metro station Kuznetsky Most)

WHEN: Friday, 24 April, 10:00 (registration starts at 9:30)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Russian Federation presents the 2008 National Human Development Report Russia Facing Demographic Challenges.

This is the twelfth of the kind in a series launched by UNDP in cooperation with the Government of the Russian Federation and prepared by prominent national experts since 1995.

The Report analyses the main aspects of the major demographic challenges and their and offers recommendations for social and economic reforms, which could help reduce mortality rates, improve the present birth rate, regulate and manage migration flows and at the same time, alleviate adverse consequences of demographic trends, which cannot be adjusted in the nearest future.

You will learn about:

-stages of Russia’s demographic crisis;

-causes of law fertility and prospects of growth;

-death rate in Russia, causes of high mortality and what prevents the solution of the crisis;

-internal migration trends and whether Russian’s are prepared to migrate for better jobs;

-types of immigration, if Russia needs it and ready to accept;

-the influence of demographic situation on demography;

-demographic challenges and social spending, education and health systems

The Report presents Human Development Index (HDI) for Russia and its regions. It also contains the first-ever calculated Gender-related Development Index (GDI), which takes into account the impact from differences between men and women in basic HDI indicators: life expectancy, literacy rate and access to education, and access to income.

The findings of the Report will be presented by Anatoly Vishnevsky, Director of the Institute of Demography at the state University-Higher School of Economic, and chief author of the publication, as well as other members of the expert team.

The presentation will be attended by representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, legislative bodies, embassies, international and non-governmental organizations, academia, and mass media. Please see the draft agenda attached.

For accreditation, please contact Victoria Zotikova, UNDP Communications analyst at 787 21 15 or 769 97 91 before 18:00 Thursday, 23 April 2009. E-mail: