05.10.2009. Moscow Children Draw Cities of the Future on World Habitat Day

Within the framework of celebrations devoted to the World Habitat Day on 5 October, the Moscow-based UN-HABITAT project office and the world-famous Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts partnered to hold a drawing contest for children “Cities of the Future”. The contest was preceded by lectures for children in various museum halls with a focus on works of art devoted to cities and their future.

Those taking part in the contest included children of several age groups, who attend classes at the Museum’s centre for children and youth Museion (art studios of Natalya Zolotova, Inna Entina, Vera Miroshnik and Maria Dreznina). Among the participants there was a group of children with disabilities, for whom the Museum has developed a special psychological rehabilitation programme.

This year’s contest is the first step towards a joint exhibition “Cities of the Future”, which will be co-organized by the Museum and UN-HABITAT’s Moscow project office to mark the World Habitat Day in 2011. The exhibition will provide a retrospective look at the way children in various countries imagined the future of their cities during the last 100 years.


1. A young girl shows her drawing

2. A young artists draws