The Master Forum of Social Service / Summer Youth Volunteer school 2011 will be conducted on 2-7 August 2011and will be supported by UNFPA

Summer Youth Volunteer school is conducted by NGO “Siberian initiative” for last 10 years. It is the unique space for youth and volunteer organizations to change experience, receive knowledge and skills. The Forum/School’s agenda in 2011 includes a lot of trainings, round tables, etc, and many team building activities as well: the unique place of the school – Gorny Altai – allow to conduct trekking, rafting, etc. Such approach is considered to be the powerful stimulus of involvement of young people in volunteer activities.

The school was initiated by civil society, but was supported by governmental agency as well (Federal service on customers' rights protection and human well-being surveillance), and several times the School received grants from this agency. For last 10 years 1000 volunteers took part in the School (from 250 state, municipal and civil society organizations from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Sweden, Italy, Canada). Experts and consultants from different international and governmental organizations took part as trainers at the School trainings: Ministry of Health, Federal service on customers' rights protection and human well-being surveillance, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNODCP, UNFPA, AFEW, and others).

Six-days Forum/School in 2011 will be conducting with a slogan “Master Forum of social service” The accent will be made on rights of young people (especially on the right to health). At the First day of the school the “fair” of projects, organizations and regions participating in the school will be conducted. At the first day each participant will choose the direction to study during further 3 days. At the last day of the School will be conducted: the meeting of Russia Y-PEER network and the round table “How may I help young people with HIV”.