At the meeting of the “Group of Friends” of the UN Disability Convention at the UN House on 27 February, the Cultural Centre “Bez Graniz” presented its new project, “Acropolis: How I’ve Found My Body”.

The project’s objectives are:

  • To contribute to a change in mindsets in Russia and abroad about people with “different bodies” – mainly, citizens with disabilities;
  • To help people with disabilities grasp their own beauty

The overall idea is formulated as follows:

In our culture, it is common to admire the beauty of ancient Greek statues. However, one often fails to notice an obvious thing –  missing body parts, i.e. arms, legs, heads… We call it “classical beauty”.

In our culture, it is common to turn away from people with missing limbs, those whose legs don’t function, whose eyes have lost the ability to see or whose ears cannot hear. We have been taught to see these as deformities.

The Acropolis concept showcases beauty in a “different” human body through the prism of ancient Greek art presented in fragments and expressing harmony and integrity of an original work of art.

This idea has led to a project involving a photo-shooting of ten young people with missing limbs replicating famous Greek figures.

The project invites renowned authors, philosophers, sociologists, and journalists to discuss the beauty of “another” body and attitudes towards people with disabilities in Russia.

It features a documentary about the production process and the project’s participants.

On the occasion of the Sochi Paralympics, Moscow will host a festival titled “Body and Society”, bringing together philosophers, sociologists, and artists.

The Project’s Team:

Author: Dr. soz. Janina Urussowa– co-founder of and, the “Dialogue in the Dark Moscow” project partner.

Photographer: Irina Bordo– fashion-photographer, one of the world’s top 200 photographers (Lurzer’s Archive 2010/2011), and top 10 magazine photographers (Time Out 2011), Mode Vision-2012 prize-winner.

Director of Photography: Helena Kashirskaya– manager of shooting sessions for global brands and companies.

PR: Linor Goralik– writer, essayist, columnist, fashion blogger, works for leading Russian and international print media.

The Project’s launch has been set to coincide with the Sochi Paralympics, in the context of the “Body and Society” festival, and will take place on 11 March in Moscow.

The festival itself will include:

  • Exhibitions;
  • Press conference;
  • Theoretical and practical conference titled “Acropolis: Body and Society”;
  • Public lectures by sociologists, philosophers, art historians, writers, and artists;
  • Nationwide premiere, in collaboration with “The Russian Museum: Virtual Branch”;
  • Meetings with partner companies;
  • Publications posted on the project’s web site and in mass and social media;
  • International 2014-2015 tour including Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and USA.

Contact details:

Ms. Janina Urussowa, Director-General of Non-Profit Cultural Centre “Bez Graniz”, co-founder of the international contest “Bezgraniz Couture”

Mobile + 7 926 247 97 27