Spokesperson for the Secretary-General's comments on the Secretary-General's remarks at the International Economic Forum in Saint-Petersburg

- With reference to the statement that Secretary-General delivered in Saint-Petersburg, to which Ukraine’s ambassador referred, who spoke to the journalists this morning and was very critical of a portion of that statement which he felt was overly positive in the characterization of Russia’s role, including the connection with resolving the conflict in Ukraine, human rights and so forth. Do you have any comment on that?

Stephane Dujarric: You know, often when the Secretary-General speaks, people have comment or criticism. I would urge everyone to read the full statement, but I am not going to analyze or respond to the criticisms that may have been received. I mean, the fact Secretary-General said that the Russian Federation is a permanent member of the Security Council and has a critical role to play in this work and addressing other pressing global issues. We are not going to walk back from what we said and I would again encourage people to read the full statement.

- He indicated that he is preparing a formal letter of some sort of written communication with these concerns to the Secretary-General, has that been received?

Stephane Dujarric: Not that I am aware.