A roundtable on human rights in cinematography took place in Moscow

On Tuesday, 13 December 2016, a round table discussion titled “Human Rights Reflection in Cinematography” was organized in the framework of the XXII ‘Stalker’ International Film Festival on Human Rights with the support of UN agencies in Russia on the premises of the Central Journalist House. 

After his opening remarks and following the screening of a video message by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the occasion of international Human Rights Day, the roundtable’s chairman, Igor Stepanov, Director of the Guild of Russian Cinematographers, gave the floor to other participants of the meeting: Mr. R. Alouach, Officer-in-Charge, OHCHR Office in Moscow; Ms. G.Y. Negrustueva, Information Officer, UNHCR Office in Russia; Mr. V.V. Kuznetsov, Director, UNIC Moscow; Mr. D.M. Mukhamadiev, Head of Office, Regional Office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Mr. V.M. Gefter, Director, Institute for Human Rights (NGO); Ms. I.V. Matvienko, Coordinator of All-Russia Telephone Hotline for Women Suffering from Home Violence, National Centre for Combatting Home Violence “Anna”; Ms. N.A. Gontsova, Advisor for Migration Issues, The Civil Assistance Committee; Ms. E.A. Ivanovskaya, Deaf-Mute Artists Studio “Deafilm”; Ms. V.I. Berliozova and Ms. M.S. Chernova from the NGO “Hearing Children in Deaf Families”.

During the discussion, the roundtable’s participants focused on the children and women who had suffered domestic violence; immigrants; refugees; the deaf-mute and their families; prisoners. The guests expressed hope for the filmmakers’ keener interest in human rights, as movies and other pieces of art tend to have a positive impact on the society and, as such, increasingly assume a greater role in enlightening people. 

All the participants were invited to take an active part in the roundtable discussion. As a result, they have focused on such important issues as tolerance, xenophobia, understanding and the role movies can play in making the society aware of challenges in the sphere of human rights. 

Photo: UNHCR Russia