Partnering to support youth volunteerism in Russia

19 May 2017 (Moscow, Russian Federation) – Mr. Toily Kurbanov, Deputy Executive Coordinator, United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme will visit Moscow on 25 and 26 May. Mr. Kurbanov will meet official counterparts and volunteer organizations to discuss global partnership priorities between the Russian Federation and UNV. Mr. Kurbanov will also deliver a keynote speech at the research symposium on volunteerism organized jointly by UNV and Higher School of Economics (HSE) University.

During the two-day visit, Mr. Kurbanov will discuss potential cooperation in the lead up to the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi in October 2017, and explore avenues for multilateral cooperation with volunteer involving organizations and the academia.

“UNV’s mandate of promoting the global recognition of volunteerism and working for people, planet and prosperity can further benefit from Russia’s immense knowledge and experience in volunteer efforts,” Mr. Kurbanov underlines.

Russian UN Volunteers support the interdependent pillars of the United Nations: peace, development and humanitarian assistance through their assignments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. By working with local communities around the world, they address international law, security, economic development and social progress. In the last decade, 88 Russian citizens served as UN Volunteers and contributed to the work of the United Nations. Across the globe, presently 10 Russian UN Volunteers serve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, Sudan and Turkey.

Editor’s Notes: In 2016, UNV had over 6,500 UN Volunteers in 126 countries, supporting sustainable development as part of the workforce of our United Nations partners. In addition, 13,000 UN Online Volunteers from around the world gave their time to engage in sustainable development virtually. With 84 per cent of UN Volunteers coming from countries of the global South, UNV acts as a change agent for South-South cooperation within the United Nations system.
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