19th World Festival of Youth and Students: Opening Ceremony

On 15 October 2017 the Black Sea resort city of Sochi rang in the opening of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. Inspired by the festival slogan “The future of our planet depends on us”, over 24 thousand young people representing 186 countries registered as participants of this historical event. During the opening ceremony youth leaders from various parts of the globe presented the key themes of the festival - science, environment, energy, education, overcoming poverty and information technologies – with their stories of successful projects intended to improve people’s lives and lay the basis for a brighter and safer future. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended the opening ceremony, gave an official start to the festival. "I am confident, you, the youth from various countries, of various nationalities and religions, are united by a common feeling of values and goals, striving for freedom, happiness, peace and accord on the planet, and aspiration for bigger achievements," the president said, addressing the festival participants.