Event Time Place Organizer Program

Implementation of the speed and “speed – pedestrian” related PR activity «Karaoke for the Driver» within the framework of RS10 public campaign

19 November-5 December Lipetsk Oblast WHO

UNAIDS Global Report launch

20 November Moscow UNAIDS

PR-action: “Social contract with drivers :”I do not exceed speed limit”

23 November Ivanovo oblast WHO

Implementation of PR activity “Taxi-drivers Contest”, related to seatbelt and CRS as well as speed and “speed – pedestrian” risk factors, among taxi drivers, within the framework of RS10 public campaign

24-25 November Lipetsk oblast WHO

Mother’s Day - Handling of child restraints

25 November Ivanovo oblast WHO

PR-action: “The light of life”

26 November Ivanovo oblast WHO

Meeting of the Group of Friends of the Disability Convention

27 November Moscow UNIC

Launch of UNCTAD’s Information Economy Report 2012, in collaboration with MGIMO-University

28 November Moscow UNIC

PR-action: “Watch to live”

28 November Ivanovo oblast WHO

Final of the context “Your way”

29 November Ivanovo oblast WHO

Co-sponsorship, jointly with the Palestinian Embassy in Moscow, of observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People-2012

29 November Moscow UNIC

Session (UNAIDS, UNODC):“A Comprehensive Approach to HIV Prevention among People Who Inject Drugs” within the framework of the International Conference “World of Addictions: Chemical Dependencies, Non-chemical Dependencies, and related Psychiatric Disorders” in V.M. Bekhterev Research Psychoneurological Institute

29-30 November Saint-Petersburg UNODC

Regional (CIS) Live-concert to support the Global campaign “Believe it. Do it” (more info to follow)

30 November Moscow UNAIDS

PR-action: “Social contract with drivers : ”I do not exceed speed limit”

30 November Ivanovo Oblast WHO

UNIC Moscow to hold a series of lectures for school pupils in the context of the “UN4U” learning programme

1-31 October Moscow UNIC

International conference "Social and Environmental Responsibility in the Mining Industry. Russian and International Experience”

5 October Moscow UNDP

UNIC Director will act as a member of the jury at the 2012 edition of the “Northern Traveling Film Festival” in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, he will also  speak at the conference  “ Man and History” organized in that city

8-12 October Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski UNIC

National and international protection of refugees and refugee status determination procedure; Readmission issues 

9-11 October Perm UNHCR

Third workshop for representatives of the Universities signatories of MoUs with UN Secretariat on cooperation in the field of training Russian translators and interpreters

23 October Moscow UNIC

Press-lunch and Ecolounge Meeting on Green House Gases reduction in Russia

23 October Moscow UNDP