Event Time Place Organizer Program

ILO Senior Social Security Specialist Ms. Mariko Ouchi  takes part and makes a presentation at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Workshop “Decent work and maternity and childcare leave”

31 October-1 November Vladivostok ILO

UNIC Director to make remarks on the ICT accessibility for the disabled at a forum titled “Information Society – 2012” at the Public Chamber

1 November Moscow UNIC

Memorial Second semi-annual workshop

1-3 November Moscow UNHCR

Contribution of the UNIC National Information Officer to the Internet Governance Forum 2012 meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, 6-9 November 2012

1-10 November Baku, Azerbaijan UNIC

Tripartite training workshop “Combining Work and Family Responsibilities; Gender  Aspects” organized by the ILO and the Trade Union Federation of the Primorsky Krai

2 November Vladivostok ILO

Annual meeting of the Human Rights Masters' Programme partners

6-7 November Moscow OHCHR

Implementation of the seatbelt and CRS related PR activity «Stick for some, cinema for others!» within the framework of RS10 public campaign

6-21 November Moscow WHO

6th International Forum “LEDs in Lighting Industry”

7-8 November Moscow UNDP

Workshop "Russia’s Development Cooperation with Central Asia" co-organized by UNDP Bratislava Regional Center and MFA

8 November Moscow UNDP

Expert meeting “ICT in Primary project”

11-12 November Moscow UNESCO

Seminar on countering discrimination on ethnic and religious basis for the Federal and regional human rights commissioners

12-13 November Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan OHCHR

Express-tests among pedestrians on their knowledge of the traffic rules, penalties for non-compliance and statistics referring to the risk factor «speed – pedestrian» within the framework of RS10 public campaign

12-28 November Lipetsk Oblast WHO

International Conference IITE-2012 ICT in Education: Pedagogy, Educational Resources and Quality Assurance. Ministerial Round Table with participation of Ministers of selected countries

13-14 November Moscow UNESCO

UNIC to support The UN Model role game of the schools of the Moscow Central Administrative District

14 November Moscow UNIC

Launch of the State of World Population Report 2012

14 November Moscow UNFPA

UNESCO Moscow Office for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation Cluster Meeting

14 November Moscow UNESCO

Donor’s Day

15 November Ivanovo Oblast WHO

13th  IITE UNESCO Governing Board meeting

15-16 November Moscow UNESCO

Training for judges on International Refugee Law in the Academy of Justice

16 November Moscow OHCHR

Day of remembrance of road crash victims

18 November Ivanovo Oblast WHO