Event Time Place Organizer Program

11th General Assembly of the Northern Forum

17 October Moscow UNDP

Joint seminar with members of “Migration and Law” /“Memorial” network on nationality, asylum and other migration issues

17-19 October Moscow region UNHCR

Delegation of the ILO constituents (Russian government, employers' and workers' organizations) take part in the session of the ILO Governing Body  

17-31 October Geneva ILO

International conference “Networking in Human Rights Education at the Masters’ Level” in the framework of the Human Rights Master's Programme

21 October Moscow OHCHR

Meeting of the University Consortium members  in the framework of the Human Rights Master's Programme 

22 October Moscow OHCHR

UNIC and OHCHR to conduct a round-table discussion at the Russian State Library focusing on the 20th anniversary of the Vienna human rights conference with participation of national counterparts and Geneva representatives

23 October Moscow UNIC and OHCHR

30th Conference and Exhibition “MOSCOW: problems and ways to improve energy efficiency”

23-25 October Moscow UNDP

Moscow Conference “Roadmap for green construction in Russia – prospects and problems”

24 October Moscow UNDP

Workshop for  volunteers of Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy on international and national asylum legislationand procedures for referrals for resettlement

24 October Moscow UNHCR

H2O Environmental Film Festival in frames of the Black Sea Day

26-29 October Sochi UNDP

Workshop for journalists of the North-West and Central Federal districts on media coverage of asylum,  statelessness and other migration issues

28-29 October Saint-Petersburg UNHCR

Seminar on countering discrimination for national human rights commissioners jointly with the Ombudsman's Office 

28-30 October Saint-Petersburg OHCHR

Round table and press conference to mark 20 years of cooperation between UNHCR and Saint-Petersburg Red Cross

29 October Moscow UNHCR

Workshop combined with the Project Steering Committee “Climate Neutral Olympic Games: Sochi 2014 Carbon Management Programme and "Green Legacy"

29 October Sochi UNDP

H2O Environmental Film Festival

16-18 September Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia UNDP

A number of actions for the popularization of the public and non-motorized transport

22 September Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan UNDP

Conference «Optimization of transport solutions for national and international events for the purpose of reducing GHG emissions from road transport»

23 September Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan UNDP

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Centre on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, 2013 

23 September Moscow UNIC

UNIC Moscow to hold a special event to mark the beginning of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly and the post-2015 development agenda 

26 September Moscow UNIC

20th anniversary of the National Center to Counter Violence ANNA; expanded UN Gender Theme Group meeting 

27 September Moscow OHCHR