World Health Day on 7 April marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is an occasion to raise awareness of key global health issues. International health security is the theme for World Health Day 2007. The aim of the Day is to urge governments, organizations and businesses to "Invest in health, build a safer future".

Annually natural disasters, accidents, violent conflicts, infectious diseases cause thousands of deaths.


Health systems need to be ready to handle crises affecting public health, thus minimizing damage to people, the community and the economy.

The International Health Regulations provide the legal framework for protecting health against threats of any kind. They come into effect in June 2007.

WHO/Europe has prepared a special discussion paper on health security and health crises, to provide more information for policy-makers.

A high-level global debate will take place in Singapore on 2 April 2007, in advance of the Day, to raise the profile of international health security.

Join us and mark World Health Day with activities regionally and locally.