Announcement! UNDP presents the 2009 National Human Development Report for the Russian Federation Millennium Development Goals in Russia: Looking into the Future

WHERE: ‘United Nations House’ in Moscow (Leontievsky lane, 9)

WHEN: Friday, 22 October 2010, 10:30-13:00 a.m. (registration starts at 10:00)

The main objective of the Report, Millennium Development Goals in Russia: Looking into the Future, is to monitor the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) adapted for Russia, and to reflect the new socio-economic trends that have affected this process in the past few years. The Report was prepared in relation to the discussion of the global progress towards achieving the MDGs at the UN General Assembly in September 2010.

The Reports analyses the interrelation of MDGs and the country’s development goals and priorities till 2015 in the context of:

  • impact of economic growth and crisis in Russia on tackling the poverty problem;
  • how education system meets the real needs of the country;
  • achieving gender equality and taking into account the specificity of gender problems in Russia;
  • defining key factor to improve public health;
  • necessity of a dramatic breakthrough in fighting HIV and adjusting the healthcare system to the new epidemiological situation;
  • ensuring environmental sustainability of Russia as the world’s biggest ecological donor;
  • Russia’s contribution to international development assistance

The Report pays special attention to bridging the remaining regional disparities as reflected the presented Human Development Index (HDI) for Russia and its regions.

The Report is the fourteenth in the series of the national reports launched by UNDP since 1995 in cooperation with the Government of the Russian Federation. The findings of the research will be presented by Sergey N. Bobylev, Dr. Sc. (Economics), chief author, Economics department of Lomonosov Moscow State University; Kirill D. Danishevsky, Ph.D. (Medicine), President, Russian Society of Evidence-Based Medicine Specialists, Chief Public Health specialist, Open Health Institute Foundation; Natalia V. Zubarevich, Head of Regional Programs in the Independent Institute for Social Policy. The presentation will be attended by representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, legislative bodies, international and non-governmental organizations, academia, and mass media.

For accreditation, please contact Victoria Zotikova, UNDP Communications Analyst at 787 21 15 or 769 97 91 before 18:00 Thursday, 21 October 2010. E-mail: