Event Time Place Organizer Program

Awareness raising event “Family planning: priorities and challenges” intended for media, government agencies and civil society members. The event, dedicated to the World Population Day, is jointly organized by UNIC Moscow and the UNFPA Office in the Russian Federation

11 июля Москва UNIC

International Workshop “Climate change impact on public health in the Russian Arctic”

19-20 мая Москва UN Resident Coordinator Office, UNDP, UNEP, WHO

Inception Workshop for the preparatory phase of the UNDP/GEF project “Transforming the market for efficient lighting”

Последняя неделя апреля, дата подлежит уточнению Москва UNDP

Inception Workshop for the preparatory phase of the UNDP/GEF project “Standards and labeling to promote energy efficiency in Russia”

Последняя неделя апреля, дата подлежит уточнению Москва UNDP

Final seminar of UNDP project “Support to Local Governance Reform in the RF” for the pilot region Republic of Karelia.

Вторая половина апреля Петрозаводск UNDP

Inception Workshop for the preparatory phase of the UNDP/GEF regional project “Joint Actions to Reduce PTS and Nutrients Pollution in Lake Baikal through integrated basin management”.

9-11 апреля Улан-Уде, Бурятия UNDP

Mission of Izhevsk organization “Mothers against drugs” to Orenburg to support organization of self-help groups for IDUs and co-dependents, under UNDP Church project on HIV/AIDS

29-30 апреля Оренбург UNDP

Programme Committee meeting to consider the project “Support to Development of Infrastructure and Superstructure of Sea Ports in Russia, Phase II”

29 апреля Москва UNDP

Moscow Carbon Market Forum 2008,

28-29 апреля Москва UNDP

Presentation of the UN publication “Demographic Policy in Russia: From Reflection to Action”, in partnership with the Centre of Strategic Research

28 апреля Москва RC Office

Opening of an exhibition of cartoons by artist Sergei Tunin to mark the World Press Freedom Day-2008

28 апреля Москва UNIC

Remarks by UNIC Director on “Tokyo’s contribution to the UN security system” at the conference on Japan’s foreign policy

24 апреля Москва UNIC

Speech by UNIC National Information Officer on “Access to Information for the Disabled” at the conference “International Technologies in Governance”

23 апреля Нижний Новгород UNIC

Lecture by UNIC Director on UN Priorities in the 21st Century, and discussion with students of the Moscow State University

23 апреля Москва UNIC

Support to the organizers of the international conference “Forum of Civilizations.” UNIC Director will make comments at the Forum

22 апреля Москва UNIC

Training for trainers on prevention programme under UNDP Church project on HIV/AIDS

17-19 апреля Брянск UNDP

Steering Committee meeting for the UNDP/GEF project “Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region”

17 апреля Elista, Kalmykia UNDP

Workshop “Protection and integration of refugees and migrants in Russian mass media” for mass media managers and journalists from the Southern Federal District, Organized jointly with the Alliance of the Managers of Regional Press

16-17 апреля Сочи UNHCR

Working meeting (supervision and monitoring) with the Church hotline team in Sviato-Vvedenskii monastery under UNDP Church project on HIV/AIDs

13-16 апреля Иваново UNDP

UN Secretary-General visit: Global Compact Local Network Launch

10 апреля Москва UNDP