Event Time Place Organizer Program

UN Secretary-General visit: Business Breakfast with leading Russian businesses

10 апреля Москва UNDP

Communication support and media arrangements for the visit of the UN Secretary-General

09-11 апреля Москва UNIC

Regional Learning Event on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work for ILO staff, Europe and Central Asia, Contact person:

08-10 апреля Ватутинки, Московская область ILO

Educational outreach event for school students at the Moscow International Gymnasium to commemorate the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda

06 апреля Москва UNIC

Participation in a press conference of Donors Forum on the launch of the ‘Corporate Donor of Russia 2008’ to announce the UN nomination on projects benefiting the disabled

01 апреля Москва RC Office

Special event for civil-society members, media and government agencies to mark the International Women’s Day

5 марта Москва UNIC

Meeting of the country-level Organizing Committee for marking the 60th Anniversary of the UN Peacekeeping Operations

4 марта Москва UNIC

Book exhibition titled “Russia and the United Nations” at the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the RF

27-28 марта Москва UNIC

Launch of the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2008 by ESCATO for media and experts

27 марта Москва UNIC

Exhibition of photographs of ancient rocky drawings from the Northern regions, in the context of the International Polar Year

26 марта Москва UNIC

A working meeting of the UN Global Compact Russian Network

26 марта Москва UNDP

Round table to present the church HIV/AIDs prevention programme for representatives of state structures, responsible for prevention in Orenburg

26 марта Оренбург UNDP

Training of trainers on the church HIV/AIDs prevention programme to be organized by church organizations, ‘Souchastie’, ‘Blago’ and CIDC under UNDP church project

24-26 марта Оренбург UNDP

Presentation of special Russian edition of Facts for life and press conference at the Moscow Book Store. Facts for Life presents the most important facts that people have a right to know to prevent child deaths and diseases, and to protect women during pregnancy and childbirth.

21 марта Москва UNICEF

Training of trainers on the church HIV/AIDs prevention programme to be organized by church organizations, ‘Souchastie’, ‘Blago’ and CIDC under UNDP church project

20-22 марта Брянск UNICEF

Outreach event dedicated to the World Water Day 2008 on the theme of ”Water and Sanitation.” The gathering will be attended by high-school students-ecologists from Moscow Academy of Chemical Technology and State University of Management

20 марта Москва UNIC

Training for the clergy on HIV/AIDs, to be organized by Russian Orthodoxy under UNDP church project

19-20 марта Санкт-Петербург UNDP

Modern tools of occupational risk assessments and management - seminar for enterprises of Leningrad Region which are the new partners of the ILO OSH Project in Northwest Russia (contact person:

19 марта Санкт-Петербург ILO

A study tour for a group of Russian officials (MEDT, Government and Krasnodar Krai) to get acquainted with advanced experience in budget process, performance budgeting and performance management in South Africa in the frame of the project ‘Support to budget reform process in the RF’.

1-8 марта ЮАР UNDP

Global Environment Facility projects coordination meeting with participation of 6 project teams from UNDP and UNEP

18 марта Москва UNDP