Event Time Place Organizer Program

Lecture by the UNIC Director on “United Nations Electoral Assistance” at the Diplomatic Academy

23 ноября Москва UNIC

Presentation of the web-site on faith-based initiatives in the sphere of HIV/AIDS by Russia Inland NGO under UNDP church project

23 ноября Москва UNDP

Participation in the conference “Priorities of ecological policy and civil society” organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

20-21 ноября Москва UNDP

Workshop ‘Entrepreneurship Training and Development in the North Caucasus’

20-21 ноября Кисловодск UNDP

Seminar on palliative care for PLHIV organized by St.Dmitrii Sisterhood under UNDP church project

19-22 ноября Оренбург UNDP

Supervision seminar on the work of church psychologists organized by “Russian Orthodoxy” religious organization under UNDP church project

18-19 ноября Москва UNDP

Awards ceremony intended for winners of the city of Moscow’s Third Tele-Olympiad for schoolchildren “United Nations and Us,” jointly with Moscow International Gymnasium

16 ноября Москва UNIC

Pariticipation in the 9th Consultative Commission Meeting of the Greater Tumen Initiative (China, DPRK, Mongolia, ROK, and Russia) and Northeast Asia Partnership Meeting & Investment Forum.

15-16 ноября Владивосток UNDP

Activities against child labour: a workshop for the school inspectors for minors; photo and drawing contest on child labour for adopted children and an awareness-raising meeting for fathers (150 participants) on their role in combating child labour. These activities are organized jointly with the oblast Ombudsman.

15 ноября Новгород Великий ILO

Lecture-discussion for a group of two dozens university students

15 ноября Москва UNIC

International conference “Bioethics Committee Activities & Bioethics Education"

14-15 ноября Минск, Республика Беларусь UNESCO

Open-door session for a group of teachers and principals, jointly with the Department on Education of the Moscow City Government

14 ноября Москва UNIC

International conference “Education for All: Prospects for Development of Nomadic Peoples Education”

12-14 ноября Якутск UNESCO

The 2006/2007 NHDR presentation, in cooperation with Administration of Perm Krai on within the framework of the XIII international exhibition “Medicine and Health”

08 ноября Пермь UNDP

Presentation of the 2006/2007 Human Development Report for Russian in Perm

08 ноября Пермь United Nations Development Program

Training course on Occupational Health and Safety in Industry, organized in cooperation with NIVA - Nordic training institute under the ILO Project on Improvement of Occupational Safety and Health system in North-West Russia.

06-09 ноября Санкт-Петербург ILO

Presentation of the 2006/2007 Human Development Report for Russia in St.Petersburg in the frame of the AIESEC Global Issue Day

04 ноября ИНЖЕКОН, Санкт-Петербург United Nations Development Program

Presentation of International Economy monthly, organized jointly with the Rusian Academy of Sciences

9 октября Москва UNIC

Introductory training on HIV/AIDS Workplace Issues for the management of the Agribusiness company "Nepetsyno" (under ILO/USDOL HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme in Russia)

9 октября Коломна, Московская область ILO

Seminar and the launch of the training course ‘Gender budgets in the structure of federal policy’ in the Russian Academy of Civil Service

9 октября Москва UNDP