Event Time Place Organizer Program

World Day against Child Labour, 12 June A central theme of this year’s World Day is “Harvest for the Future: Agriculture without Child Labour”

12 Июня 2007 По всему миру ILO

Training of potential entrepreneurs, in cooperation with ILO Ingushetia

11-23 Июня 2007 UNDP

Special performance for orphaned and disabled children at the Moscow Youth Theatre, on the occasion of the International Children's Day, which is celebrated in Russia annually on 1 June Moscow

1 Июня 2007 Москва UNIC

Conference of the Academies of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe on "Global Sciences and National Policies: the Role of Academies"

4-5 Мая 2007 Кишинев UNESCO

A conference on social and economic development of the Tver region in partnership with the local administration and the Association of Managers of Russia

31 Мая 2007 Тверь UNDP

Participation in the Tver Investment Forum

31 Мая 2007 Тверь UNDP/RC

The photo exhibition: "Eurasia. Social portrait" devoted to World Press Freedom Day celebration

3 Мая 2007 Москва UNESCO

International Scientific Training Conference "Biodiversity protection in the wetlands and sustainable use of biological resources in steppe areas"

29-30 Мая 2007 Ереван UNESCO

Launch of the book "Our Peacekeepers in the Balkans" – a collection of memoirs by former military and civilian participants in the UN peacekeeping operation in the Former Yugoslavia Moscow

29 Мая 2007 Москва UNIC

International Scientific Training Conference "Biodiversity protection in the wetlands and sustainable use of biological resources in steppe areas"

28-30 Мая 2007 Ростов-на-Дону UNESCO

Two round tables implementation on gender and tolerance within the framework of World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists

28 Мая 2007 Москва UNESCO

International workshop "Strengthening judicial integrity: regulation of Career Development and Professional Accountability of Judges."  Organized by UNODC in cooperation with the Commission against Corruption of the State Duma of the Russian Federation with support of the Russian Supreme Court of Arbitration and OSCI. Moscow

24-25 Мая 2007 Москва UNODC

The seminar on Human Resources Management in cooperation with the Swedish Agency for Public Management for civil servants from North Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya

24-25 Мая 2007 Сочи UNDP

First session of joint UNHCR/Federal Migration Service seminar on international and national protection of refugees and  the refugee status determination procedure Moscow

23-25 Мая 2007 Москва UNHCR

Seminar of Budgeting and cost-sharing for civil servants from Daghestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, and Chechnya

21-24 Мая Кисловодск UNDP

International Conference ‘Arts Education: Problems and Perspectives. Museum Resources" devoted to the UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

21-22 Мая 2007 Санкт-Петербург UNESCO

Presentation of the National report ‘Risks of businesses in the public-private partnership in Russia’ developed within the Global Compact project in Russia in cooperation with the Association of Managers of Russia Moscow

21 Мая 2007 Москва UNDP

International Conference "Avant-garde and Cultures: Art, Design, Cultural Environment" devoted to the UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity

17-19 Мая 2007 Минск UNESCO

Special ceremony to congratulate winners of the Human Rights Day Writing Competition "Human Rights and Poverty" Moscow

17 Мая 2007 Москва UNIC

Presentation of the 2006/2007 National Human Development Report "Russia’s Regions: Goals, Challenges, Achievements" Moscow

15 Мая  2007 Москва UNDP