Event Time Place Organizer Program

Monitoring and Evaluation seminars for NGOs and regional administrations, in cooperation with UNAIDS

18-20 Апреля St. Petersburg UNDP

Coordination In Action -- M&E Training, St. Petersburg

18-20 Апреля St-Petersburg UNAIDS

Seminar for journalists of the southern Federal Okrug on refugees and migration related issues in cooperation with the Alliance of Regional Media Managers

18-19 Апреля Sochi UNHCR

Business-breakfast ‘Practical aspects of joint project implementation in Russia: PricewaterhouseCoopers experience on the global carbon market

18 Апреля Moscow UNDP

A meeting on gender priorities for UNDP activities with participation of leading Russian experts and head of UNDP units in RF. Recommendations and harmonized indicators to be identifies under the project shall be recommended to UNCTs in RF and CIS countries.

18 Апреля Moscow UNDP

Presentation of the project “Coordination in action: Applying the “three ones” principles for effective HIV prevention in the Russian Federation

18 Апреля Irkutsk UNODC

Launch of the UNESCAP’s Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2007

18 Апреля Moscow UNIC

International Conference "Civil Education - Global Issue of the Transforming World: Russian Experience, International Vision"

17-18 Апреля Kazan UNESCO

Festival of Social Advertisement 'All Truth about Youth'

13 Апреля Moscow UNAIDS

UN Theme Group/UN Joint Team Meeting, Moscow

12 Апреля Moscow UNAIDS

A special event dedicated, firstly, to the International Women's Day celebrated this year under the motto”The latest trends in Gender Equality” and, secondly, to the beginning of the International Polar Year 2007. The prominent polar traveller Vladimir Chukov will present a virtual photo exhibition devoted to the Year.

6 Марта Moscow UNIC

A soiree dedicated to the International Women’s Day organized together with UNIC

6 Марта Moscow UNDP

Final conference on the project ‘Coordination in Action: Applying the "Three Ones" Principles in the Russian Federation’ together with UNAIDS co-sponsors

29 Марта Moscow UNDP

Final conference on the project ‘HIV/AIDs prevention and care for military personnel in the RF’

27 Марта Moscow UNDP

Round table at the Youth Library (UNIC as a co-organizer)

27 Марта Moscow UNIC

Meeting with the students of Moscow State Academy for Fine Chemical Technology majoring in ecology (3,4 year students) dedicated to the International Water Day 

22 Марта Moscow UNIC

Press-conference devoted to the World TB (Tuberculosis) Day

22 Марта Moscow, RIA-Novosti WHO

Training for Chechen psychologist

22 Mаrch - 1 Апреля Rostov-on-Don UNESCO

Meeting with the students of the Political Science Department of Moscow State University coupled with a briefing on the General Assembly and Security Council Work, as well as on the Proposals of the New Secretary-General for the UN Reform

21 Марта Moscow UNIC

A course for students of the Russian Academy of Public Service specializing in ‘State and municipal governance’, including a gender component under the project ‘Mainstreaming a Gender Component into Training and Re-Training Programmes and Curricular for Government Officials’

21 Марта Moscow UNDP