Event Time Place Organizer Program

Seminar ‘Gender discrimination and professional segregation’

21 Марта Moscow UNDP

International conference on Avian Flu pandemy preparedness

15-17 Марта St.-Petersburg WHO

Briefing for 20 Moscow secondary school teachers on the UN Information System and the UNIC’s Library Stock

15 Марта Moscow UNIC

Y-PEER Russia is bringing together 20 youth focal points to plan activities for 2007 and focus specifically on raising quality of peer education programmes delivery by adopting standards and involving most-at-risk youth into prevention activities.

1-3 Марта Moscow UNFPA

Congress of UNESCO Chairs at the Russian Academy of Civil Service

1-2 Марта Moscow UNESCO

Meeting of experts of the UN Gender Theme Group on analysis of the project ‘Thousand stories from Russia’s women’

2 Марта Moscow UNDP

Fifth Project Advisory Board meeting and Sustainability Workshop within ILO/USDOL HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme in Russia

9 Февраля 2007 Moscow ILO

Hearings of the draft of the National Human Development Report 2006-2007 “Human Development as a Key Factor in the Development of Regions of Russia” Center for Strategic Research

9 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNDP

Seminar ‘Principles and Practice of HR Management. Local Self-Governance in Sweden’

8-9 Февраля 2007 Sochi UNDP

Briefing on the “G-8 Presidency passing from Russia to Germany” with participation of Mr. Yuri Issakov, Ambassador-at-Large, Russian Foreign Ministry

5 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNIC

Meeting of the ‘Club of Corporate Philanthropists,’ a non-commercial partnership

28 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNIC

Визит трехсторонней делегации МОТ на высоком уровне для обсуждения вопросов, связанных с ратификацией и применением положений Конвенции МОТ о труде в морском судоходстве (2006 г.)

26-28 Февраля 2007 Moscow ILO

Семинар для тренеров по охране труда Ленинградской области  под эгидой областного Комитета по труду в сотрудничестве с проектом МОТ «Совершенствование охраны труда на Северо-Западе России».

21 Февраля 2007 St. Petersburg ILO

Coordination Committee of UBDP project ‘Demonstrating Sustainable Conservation of Biological Diversity in Four Protected Areas in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula’ dedicated to the launch of the 2d project phase

2 Февраля 2007 Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky UNDP

Consultations on the draft of the UNDP Country Programme Document for 2008-2010

16 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNDP

Round Table with participation of Mr. Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General, Director General of the UN Office at Nairobi, Executive Director of UNEP and representatives of Russian NGOs dealing with environmental protection

16 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNIC

Presentation of 'Promoting HIV Prevention among Youth in the Russian Federation' project funded by Gates Foundation to major stakeholders working in the sphere of HIV prevention on national level. UNAIDS- Headquarters visit

15-16 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNAIDS

Inaugural Meeting of the UNCG-Russia in 2007

1 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNIC

Round table on HIV/AIDs at the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church

1 Февраля 2007 Moscow UNDP

Special event with participation of senior Foreign Ministry officials: an overview of the coming UN GA session’s agenda

9 сентября Москва UNIC