Event Time Place Organizer Program

Chernobyl Task Force meeting in cooperation with EMERCOM, involving government representatives from three Chernobyl countries, UNDP Resident Representatives from Ukraine and Belarus, members of Chernobyl Coordination Unit from HQ, and experts

23-24 января Москва UNDP

National Forum of NGOs working in the sphere of HIV organized with UNDP support. This Forum will serve as a preliminary gathering before the Second Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference (EECAC) to take place on 3-5 May 2008

22-24 января Москва UNDP

Regular meeting of the UN Communications Group/Russia. Communications officers of UN system organizations will review major information events in 2007 at the country level and discuss UNCG/Russia priorities for 2008

22 января Москва UNIC

The first 2008 CCM (Country Coordination Mechanism) on HIV/AIDs meeting with UNDP participation and support

16 января Москва UNDP

Presentation of “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2008” Report

15 января Москва UNIC

National Human Development Report 2006/2007 presentation within the framework of the Congress of the International Students' Association (AIESEC)

30 ноября -1 декабря Новосибирск UNDP

Trainings for micro-finance institutions of North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia and Chechnya with US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Russian Micro-finance Centre Foundation

26 ноября - 6 декабря Нальчик UNDP

Traditional end-of-the year special event “Bidding Farewell to 2007”, intended for local partners from civil society, governmental institutions, business community and art circles. An exhibition of paintings organized by a Moscow art gallery will be opened

21 декабря Москва UNIC

Presentation of the on-line Information Bulletin to be produced by the Federal AIDS Centre reflecting the work of the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM)

19 декабря Москва UNDP

Training / Brainstorming seminar on strategic planning for the next 2 years for the implementation of the project “Women against AIDS”, together with NGO AIDS InfoShare and UNAIDS

18-19 декабря Москва UNDP

High-level consultation on Strategic Outlook for UN presence in the North Caucasus

18 декабря Москва RC

Study tour for upgrading capacities of the Ministries of Agriculture on innovative developments in the Poultry, Milk Production and Processing and Baking Industry Sectors, in partnership with Ministries of Agriculture of of North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia and Chechnya, Federal Government Enterprise “Russian Agriculture Extension Center”

17-21 декабря Сергиев Посад, Московская обл. UNDP

Open-door session for a representative group of Moscow students on “United Nations Information System and work of the UN Information Centre”

17 декабря Москва UNIC

The Northern Forum. Scoping meeting «Governance in Northern Regions»

14-15 декабря Москва UNDP

Presentation of the HIV Prevention Program developed by the Russian Orthodox Church

14 декабря Брянск UNDP

Conference “Social Partnership and Development of Civil Society Institutions. Experience of Russia’s regions and Municipalities”, together with the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of Russia, Institute of Corporate Development Commission on Charity, Mercy and Volunteer Work of the Russian and Public Chamber

14 декабря Москва UNDP

UNHCR day at the 13th International Film Festival on Human Rights "Stalker"

13 декабря Москва UNHCR

Remarks by UNIC Director at the 18th UNA-Russia’s Model UN panel discussion on “The United Nations and Global Challenges”

12 декабря Москва UNIC

Seminar organized by the ILO and its regional tripartite partners on "Introduction of the strategy of tripartite cooperation in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention at workplace in Altai krai" for 70 heads of labour committees of the municipal administrations

11 декабря Барнаул ILO

Presentation by the ILO on The Rights to Decent Work of Persons with Disabilities at the World Bank roundtable devoted to the International Day of Disabled persons

10 декабря Москва ILO